Trial Services

Trial Services Discovery Through Trial

Our trial consultants are presentation experts who will help your team prepare for trial well before it starts. We will work closely with you to ensure that your exhibits, video depositions, graphics, etc. are ready for trial. They actively offer suggestions at every stage of trial, from how to best scan your documents, to how to best designate and review video depositions, to what equipment to use at trial and how to set it up.


War Room

We provide war room setup and assistances, from setting up a network of computers and equipment to managing electronic exhibits during trial.

Video Digitizing & Synchronizing

We take your video depositions and marry them to their transcripts to allow for scrolling text during playback and quick editing via page and line number.


Midwest Trial Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of document management products and services to help law firms and corporate counsel manage their entire document workflow…

Equipment Rental/ Installation

The trial team schedules setup and removal of equipment with court officials and determines proper placement of equipment for prime visibility…

Need to explain something to a jury but just don’t know how. Talk to one of our graphic designers and we will help to illustrate your idea…