Trial Consultants/ Technicians

Our trial consultants are experts who will help your team prepare for trial well before it starts. We will work closely with you to ensure that your exhibits, video depositions, graphics, etc. are ready for presentation during trial. They actively offer suggestions at every stage of trial, from how to scan your documents, how to review designated video depositions, and what equipment should be used at trial.

Each of our consultants has over 100 trials under their belt, as well as mediations, arbitrations, hearings, and focus groups. They know from experience that these presentations require flexibility, responsiveness, and the ability to work on the fly. Having a Midwest Trial Consultant on your team means we will take care of all presentation elements, leaving you to focus on what’s important making your case.

Trial Tech Services Include

Our consultants can advise you on the best file formats for exhibits, videos, animations, and offer recommendations for how to prepare it so that it’s ready for trial.
We are experts at building and maintaining Trial Director, OnCue and Sanction databases. This ensures that your digital evidence is easy to find and—most importantly—show at trial.
We can quickly create text files of your designations so you can review the edited video portions you intend for us to play in court. We also have the ability to make last-minute changes to your video designations — for example, due to rulings by the Court during side bar — something you cannot do with a pre-edited DVD.
We can advise on what equipment you will need for trial and coordinate its setup with the Court. We can also troubleshoot any equipment problems that may arise, helping ensure a seamless presentation throughout the trial.
During trial, we can quickly and easily bring up any document or graphic on the fly. We can annotate, highlight and zoom into portions of the documents immediately, making sure never to break stride with your questioning of the witness and allowing you to maximize your time and ability to be responsive to the ever-changing events of litigation. If needed, we can quickly delete any of the annotations, giving you a clean slate for your next witness.