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Midwest Trial Services' Trainers are experts in helping you learn the latest litigation support software. Midwest Trial Services offers a variety of training options. Whether online at your office or ours; our trainers can customize the curriculum to suit your needs. Midwest Trial Services' Trainers are certified to train such programs as: Summation lBlaze, Trial Director, Sanction, and Livenote.

The Experts

The world’s leading litigation software application, CT Summation iBlaze is used by over 100,000 legal professionals to manage, organize and analyze every aspect of the litigation process. Combining powerful case management tools with industry-leading search functionality in an easy-to-use graphical interface, iBlaze allows users to maintain complete control over case materials with minimal effort. iBlaze remains the only platform to offer fully integrated transcript management, including streaming, live court reporter feeds and the ability to mark-up and analyze and link testimony in Realtime.

Imagine your next trial… the jury hangs on your every word. Your organized, insightful presentation has never been better. You confront the opposition’s witness with impeaching exhibits. You’re using Trial Director! Trial Director is the industry leading trial presentation program. Let our Certified Trial Director trainer teach you the latest and greatest trial presentation tool.

Summation 101 Training Agenda

Section 1
Getting Started
• Overview
• Layouts and navigation

Section 4
Working with the Core Database & Images
• Navigating the Core Database
• Adding and editing summaries
• Searching
• QuickSearching
• Compound searches
• Searching using Setup search
• Boolean Searches
• Viewing images
• Mark-ups, Labels and Stamping
• Printing Images

Section 2
Working with Cases
• Creating cases
• Opening cases
• Getting started – adding data to Issues/names tables

Section 5
• Ocr’ing documents
• Opening & Navigating OCR documents
• Searching
• OcrBase Notes

Section 3
Working with Transcripts and Annotations
• Loading transcripts
• Opening and navigating transcripts
• Searching transcripts
• QuickSearching
• Compound searching
• Fuzzy searching
• Printing transcripts
• Annotating transcripts/Notes
• Searching transcripts annotations
• Printing Reports/Digests
• Search results reports

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