Midwest Trial Services has developed a wide array of strategic trial services. Our services include equipment rental, document scanning, video digitizing and synchronizing, graphics, war room, court room installations, and evidence presentation during trial. Whether you want an entire package, from trial preparation to the court room, or individual services, we are prepared to help. No matter where or when your proceedings occur, Midwest is capable of assisting with all your litigation support needs.
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Midwest Trial not only has a wide array of services, but also has a very dynamic team. We offer productive, influential, and progressive qualities in our staff. Our blend of team members is not only rare, but comforting. Together we have years of experience and expertise to help you convey what needs to be seen in your particular case. You will not only be satisfied with our services, but also with our team. Learn More

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Our work is designed to help the jury understand what you are trying to convey, eliminating confusion and misunderstandings. Our work creates an image that the jury will remember after your side of the story is told. Our graphics and video are always clear, influential, and memorable, which is vital in complex cases. By focusing your case on visual facts, we are able to maximize the jurors' interest and effectively convey your side of the argument. Learn More